Download this free e-booklet from Pastor Brian:

How to Get the downloaded file on your device:


After the file downloads, you should be prompted to "Open in iBooks."

You can also download the e-booklet directly from the iBooks Store within the iBooks app, just search for "Brian Larson" or click here.


Barnes & Noble Nook eInk Devices (Nook Glowlight, Nook Glowlight Plus, Nook Simple Touch, etc.)

Using a USB cable, connect your Nook to the computer you downloaded the epub file to. Your Nook will appear as a USB drive that you can browse. Navigate to the Nook drive and drag and drop the epub file in.  Eject the Nook from your computer using your system’s “Safely remove drive” option. This ebook should now be visible! 

Why I'm Convinced (ePub)