Testing the heart of God's children

JUDGES: A time that looks very much like our world today.

The ladies were blessed and challanged as we discovered God's purposes for this relevant book.

The Book of

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  Overview of Judges Tricia Kent  
   Judges 1  Consequence of Compromise        Tricia Kent
   Judges 2 Consequences Sue Hayden
   Judges 3 Testing the Heart Tricia Kent
   Judges 4 The Land of Milk and Honey Shelly Deiro
   Judges 5 The Song of Deborah and Barak Sue Hayden
   Judges 6 Developing Faith Tricia Kent
   Judges 7 Some Warriors Wear Aprons Shelly Deiro
   Judges 8 Strengths and Weaknesses Sue Hayden
   Judges 9 Truth or Consequences Tricia Kent
   Judges 10 He Will Perform It Shelly Deiro
   Judges 11 Jephthah and the Ammon Sue Hayden
   Judges 12 Confronting Conflict Tricia Kent
   Judges 13 Separated to God Shelly Deiro
   Judges 14 Choices Sue Hayden
   Judges 15 Missing the Point Tricia Kent
   Judges 16 Sampson and Delilah Sue Hayden
   Judges 17 Worship Without Truth Shelly Deiro
   Judges 18  Can Your God be Taken Shelly Deiro
   Judges 19 Self-Government Tricia Kent
   Judges 20 From Justice to Revenge Sue Hayden
   Judges 21 Right in My Eyes Tricia Kent