Knowing Christ: thru the life and ministry of Paul, in the books of Galatians, Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians and 2nd Timothy.

10:00 am at Sandie Davis' home
 6:30 pm upstairs at church offices

Knowing Christ

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  Overview of Paul's Journeys    Tricia Kent  
   1- Acts 8-9   It Starts with Conversion Shelly Deiro 
   2- Gal 1 Salvation by Grace Sue Hayden
   3- Gal 2 In Defense of the Gospel Tricia Kent
   4- Gal 3 Repenting From Being Good Shelly Deiro
   5- Gal 4 From Slavery to Freedom Sue Hayden
   6- Gal 5 Lady Liberty Tricia Kent
   7- Gal 6 My Life For Yours Shelly Deiro
   8- Eph 1 Blessings Sue Hayden
   9- Eph 2 Living in the Heavenlies Tricia Kent
10- Eph 3 The Mystery Sue Hayden
11- Eph 4 God's New Society Shelly Deiro
12- Eph 5 His Imprint, My Impression  Tricia Kent
13- Eph 6 The Selfless Warrior Shelly Diero
14- Phil 1